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Planners Should Learn the Internet

If you’re a digital planner who goes running to IT every time your computer makes a funny noise, you should really do something about that.  Learn how your computer works, learn how the internet works, learn how the web works. No, they’re not all the same thing.

The Basics

Mac Users: Learn what that Terminal thing is, what it’s for, and how not to break everything with it.



I’m only 3 lessons in, but I’ve already had a few mysteries revealed by following this tutorial.  This is what I get for backing off from HTML & CSS in 2002 – it’s all become so much SMARTER, more USEFUL. And if you understand markup language and CSS, you’ll begin to understand what the browser is interpreting when it opens a page, and what a search engine is looking for when it scans a page.  The way I see it, a plannerly understanding of HTML & CSS makes it possible for you to understand what the web browser does, and how that influences the user experience; it should also make you a little bit smarter about SEO.

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