The Brand Bubble is Bursting

by Farrah Bostic July 3, 2012 innovation

What is a brand?  Some people will tell you that a brand is what people think about a company and its products, or how people feel about it.  Some people will tell you that it’s a ‘story’ that people pick up through cues both ambient and explicit as they interact with this ephemeral thing called […]

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The Insight Value Chain is Broken

by Farrah Bostic April 22, 2012 innovation

It’s 3am on a Sunday morning, and I just wrote a 20 question survey that I want to share with you to better understand the agony and the ecstasy of one piece of the insight value chain – qualitative research. I believe in the value of talking to real people about the products and services […]

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The Trouble With Talismen

by Farrah Bostic October 31, 2011 entrepreneurs

Two weekends ago, when I was working on client things and trying to unravel the mystery of addiction vis-a-vis Civilization V, there were some ladies getting righteous in my twitter feed.  Responses to Ashkan Karbasfrooshan’s post to TechCrunch, “Who Will Be the Next Talisman of the Tech World?” had lit up my feed and set […]

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#adwomentowatch panels at SXSW – here are some to vote for

by Farrah Bostic September 1, 2011 #adwomentowatch

There are tons of great panels on SXSW 2012′s Panel Picker right now.  And there is one day left to vote.  If you’d like to support the women in our business, here are some panels and talks that look really interesting and are helmed by some of the best women in the business. There definitely […]

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The Famine Hackathon for the 50/50 Project

by Farrah Bostic August 23, 2011 #FamineHackathon

Here’s the problem: There is a massive drought in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti. People are starving. The crisis is so bad, people are fleeing their home countries to seek refuge in neighboring nations where conditions are not much better. Corruption prevents some aid from reaching the people who need it most. Bottom line: they […]

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