Lots of different girls can be great.

by Farrah Bostic August 2, 2012 images

This whole campaign from Nike in the UK – their guerilla Olympics effort – is just beautiful.  It’s quiet, it’s compassionate, and it feels like the heart and soul of the Nike brand bubbling back up to the surface. The concept that anyone can be great, that we all have that capacity, feels true – […]

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SXSW: Is there such thing as an ‘ad nerd’?

by Farrah Bostic March 13, 2011 images

This is the first year I’ve attended SXSW.  I’m not altogether sure I’ve been missing much, but it does provide an opportunity to see a lot of people you know, and meet a few new people, all in one place, over the slightly absurd period of 5 days. Veteran attendees seem to agree that it […]

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A Rare Endorsement

by Farrah Bostic October 8, 2010 images

Yesterday, thinking I was about to go buy pencil skirts at J. Crew, I looked down 17th Street from 5th Avenue and was reminded of a shop I’d been in only once, and had bought nothing. It wasn’t that I didn’t like what was in the store, only that for some reason it seemed … […]

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by Farrah Bostic September 7, 2010 images

Just a quick thought on the subject of how cultures/groups can be defined by common language – and that this common language, especially in the fairly democratic language landscape of English (a bastard, by all accounts), is often demarcated by shared metaphors. I am not a linguist. I am not a sociologist or anthropologist. I […]

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Saying ‘shibboleth’

by Farrah Bostic August 31, 2010 images

I learned my Bible the old-fashioned way: by watching The West Wing.  It’s high piety and swelling democratic music was my Church of the Capra America. It was, I reckon, the best PR the Clinton Administration ever got, and it taught me a term to describe a trick I have long used.  “Saying Shibboleth” is […]

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